• Report all criminal (or attempted) activities to the neighbourhood watch​
  • Residents need to take co-responsibility on this effort and make it work by acting in a constructive manner
  • Call the SAPS bakkie if there is a security problem, and your own security company. Committee members cannot be expected to do it on your behalf.


Our communication channels and how they are meant to be used:


WhatsApp is our main security Alert / Notice channel. 

  • Keep comms to a minimum – we are a big group!
  • No personal stuff please – rather go off line for these and call the person if necessary
  • Please refrain from any negative comments
  • No adverts!


OurHood is where we can be a bit more social. Provide information about events, ask questions about services and get quick access to emergency numbers. Read more here -
*Courtrai has a dedicated social community channel on OurHood. Please go here to sign up -


Our dedicated Facebook page -