About Us

The Courtrai residents have formed a Neighbourhood Watch to make a safer neighbourhood by:

  • Acting as the eyes and ears of the police"‎ in Courtrai.
  • Increasing communication and knowledge amongst neighbours
  • Assisting to prevent crime 
  • Helping to develop community spirit
  • Providing a visible sign that residents care about our neighbourhood
  • Encouraging reporting of suspicious activity within our neighbourhood
  • Through joint effort, improving the level of personal and home security in our neighbourhood


  • Demonstrates that people care and have pride in our community
  • Shows that our community is welcoming and inclusive
  • Demonstrates community spirit
  • Prevents crime 
  • Helps with sharing information with our community and the police
  • Demonstrates that people know how to keep themselves safe 
  • Reduction of fear of crime and isolation 


  • Stadler van Zyl 
  • Steve Turner 
  • Craig McMillian 
  • Jean van Rooyen 
  • Wendy Oosthuizen 
  • Andri de Jager 
  • Andrew Milne
  • Bernie Louw