Application for a Special Rating Area

Dear Courtrai residents 

As many of you will know, we are planning to apply for an SRA (Special Ratings Area) status, for Courtrai.

This for the area between Taillefer and Gabbema Doordrift streets and west of the Main road.

The objective is to collectively maintain and upgrade Courtrai, with main focus on safety and security of the neighbourhood. 

We will visit each property / residence from 20th to 30th August 2018 to explain the proposal. 

Fibre Internet - Coming soon!

Fibre installations by Lightstruck in Paarl and Somerset are in the process of being completed, and this high-speed internet technology will then be available to access by local businesses and homes. To receive progress updates, register online via, and start your fibre journey with us.

LATEST NEWS - Is that LightStruck will start the fibre work the beginning of Sepetember 2018.

Interview with crowbar gang member

* Interview with crowbar housebreaking suspect who did more than 40 housebreakings *

* Best days to break in to a house?
Monday night is burger night buy one get one free at spur, we drive past spur to check how full the parking lot that mean less people home.
Tuesday night is pizza night 
Wednesday is wacky wednesday.